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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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1jutsus!! Empty jutsus!! on Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:22 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
jutsus!! Jutsu10
Name: Chakra coating technique
Rank: D
Element: None
Range:All over the users body
Duration: 5posts
Hand Seals/Charge up: Horse-Ram
Description: The user coats themselves with chakra, the chakra around the body doesn't shield them from any attack, but after coating themselves with chakra,the user becomes more faster, and his strength will be increased, any taijutsu technique that requires to be close to the opponent will be slightly increased.

jutsus!! Jutsu10
Name: Wind release:blast of the red beast
Rank: C
Duration:  1 post
Hand Seals/Charge up:Serpent-Ox-Monkey-Tiger-Rooster-Dragon
Description:After the hand seals.The user blows a destructive gust of wind that also has good cutting power at any direction he is facing, the wind is capable of cutting and killing anything in it's path ranging from steel,large trees,concrete,hard timber,summons and people.
It is capable of  creating a path through them,the path made creates an hollow of the shape of the gust of wind into the object blown into. The jutsu will vanish after travelling 30m if it cannot be stopped by a strong C rank  technique  or any jutsu rank higher than C rank.
Weakness:  It makes the opponent unable to see whatever is in their front since the high gust of wind creates a little wind that that blows past anywhere it has passed when fired. The wind being blown back can cause sand to be lodged Into the eyes of the user. It  also makes the opponents eyes to lurch since the air is blowing seriously in his eyes causing tears to come out(like when a person opens his eyes where there is a wind blowing rigorously)

jutsus!! Jutsu10
Name: Fuinjutsu: Sealing Serpent 
Rank: C
Element: None
Duration: 3posts
Hand Seals/Charge up: Pig-Dragon-Dog-Snake
Description: After performing the necessary hand seals,A snake is created and a mark appears above the abdomen of the user.The user can also send the seal to the sname, the user can make the snake dispatch the seal to wherever he instructs the serpent to, its as transparent as the jelly fish, the snake can be controlled in a range of 30m around the user,it can be given an instructions by the user which can save the user the extra cost of controlling this serpent in a tough battle where he would need hand seals to control the movement of the snake.
The serpent is capable of swimming and is capable of travelling underground,once it bites anything the object would be sealed inside the object or person the seal has been placed,The user can also exhibit a variation of this jutsu in which no seal appears, but once the snake bites Its victim,they are paralysed and made immobile
Weakness:The snake takes 1.3 second to emerge,during that period the user is vulnerable to attacks.But a fuinjutsu adept can negate this vulnerability

jutsus!! Jutsu10
Name: Chakra disruption shockwave
Duration: 1post
Hand Seals/Charge up:Dog-dragon-snake
Description: The user after performing the hand seals,releases chakra from anywhere they wish from their body by gathering chakra there and then releasing it,the jutsu will stop any jutsu the opponent has on if it touches him. It also serves as a genjutsu cancel technique to cancel genjutsu on any one it touches
Weakness:Causes a slight pain to the user.

jutsus!! Jutsu10
Name: Daikopra
Rank: B
Element: None
Duration: One post
Hand Seals/Charge up: None
Description: The user gathers chakra to any point they wanna attack with,Then they perform a physical attack with that part. however,no contact would be made but after the punch or kick, an invisible large ball of chakra is sent at the opponent,the ball is capable of blasting 10 people leaving them with serious injuries
Weakness:The desired part of the body that wants to perform the attack would have chakra covering it.Making the opponent aware of the jutsu.But the ball of chakra is invincible
2.Cannot be done instantly after using the jutsu and it requires 4 seconds interval to keep using it,by that time the opponent would have had a good stand if he was capable of evading the first attack and would be ready to evade the next.
3.When the jutsu has been used, there is a whirling sound wherever the jutsu passes,making the opponent to know the direction of the jutsu and would be able to evade it with good taijutsu speed.

jutsus!! Jutsu10
Rank: D-B
Range:needs direct contact with the opponent
Duration:1 post.
Hand Seals/Charge up:none

Description:The user will gather chakra to any part of their body that they want to hit their opponent with,they will then hit their opponent with that part and release the chakra out,depending on the chakra added.
As a D rank jutsu, the jutsu is capable of hitting the opponent hard, that they feel like they've been hit by the hilt of a baseball bat, and  it would blow the opponent back,the opponent can be sent crashing into an object.
As a C ranked jutsu,it is capable of rupturing the opponent's bones,and would knock them back with great  force.If the opponent comes in contact with a firm and solid structure like a boulder when blown back,  .it would cause the boulder to crack and the opponent bones would be broken severely which can cause instant death  
As a B ranked jutsu,it is capable of inflicting the same damage the c ranked does on people on *large* summons(summons that are *tall* as 60feet and weighing 600kg and below),summons that are *very large* and *taller* than the *large* summons described above  will feel the damage inflicted by the D ranked version.This jutsu needs no hand seal and can be used in quick succession
Weakness:When the user uses the B ranked version.The user suffers a sharp pain wherever the jutsu is used on the body of the user each time the jutsu is used,this can make the user open for an attack when the pain happens, because the pain is so sharp it can't be ignored as the user would have to react to it.However it doesn't result into any injury.
The C ranked version has the same side effects as the B ranked version..However the pain is not as sharp as the B ranked version and the opponent may be able to have a little time to react if he has good reflexes

jutsus!! Jutsu10
Name:Fuinjutsu: Ten fingers sealing
Rank: A
Element: None
Duration: 3posts
Hand Seals/Charge up: Rabbit-Monkey-Dog-Dragon-Horse-Ram-Snake-Rat-Rooster-Dog-Tiger
Description: After creating the hand seals,10chakra strings appears on the users fingers,they seal whatever they touch and needs to touch the creature before the sealing can take place. The sealing is instant after the contact has been made. It can however be controlled by the user to keep touching objects without sealing them(Can still keep moving despite touching other objects If the user doesn't want the touched objects sealed) A string from any finger is capable of sealing a person.Two strings is capable of sealing something as large as a giraffe,three sealing medium sized summons,4 for sealing large summons,5 for sealing a bijuu.
Weakness:1.won't be able to use any other technique.
2.The user's previous jutsu would be cancelled e.g an earth dragon,sensory technique the exception being Shadow clones or any other type of clone.
3. The user's hand will experience tiny cuts after each finger seals something, any liquid that enters the cuts would cause pain to the user,and the wound cannot start healing until after 30seconds after the finger has sealed an object(medical ninjutsu or Any form of healing won't heal the wound until after 30 seconds

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