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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Hitomi Shiruku (Kiri Chuunin)

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1 Hitomi Shiruku (Kiri Chuunin) on Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:21 pm

Name: Hitomi Shiruku
Hito-general friends
Hato*white dove*-Father/VERY close friends
Mimi-Mother/Little Brother
(don't call her this ^ as it's an insult from anyone but her family)
Ito-those who just wanna make her irritated
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Clan: Nah
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: C-Chuunin

Height: 5"5
Weight: 120lbs
Description: Bright auburn hair long enough to trail down to her waist. Bright open blue eyes with some sense of hope in them. Pale but not paper white skin, a bit tan from spending time in Suna. A well rounded off body for a young adult with a bust size of D and a smooth figure. No scars or otherwise afflictions are seen with her clothing on, however she does have a burn mark on her back from training which will eventually heal. Otherwise clear skin and no make up or jewelry since she feels it would get in the way. Her stance and stature is more confident and well placed now, and her clothing can vary but usually contain light blue, purple, and teal colors with free flowing forms to catch wind drifts. Also her style contains a kimono-like look due to her mother being a kimono seamstress.

Nindo: "The wind goes in all directions, it can be stormy and loud or soft and quiet. When it comes together it makes a current, and that current is a connection that can tell tales of the past and the future like a friend." -Mother
Personality Description:
Strong confident, and yet still holds her old insecurities she used to have. In general her demeanor also has improved as she now is more open to others and somewhat caring towards their situations. She's not outright stupid to just go up to anyone but rather up to those who seem to need a boost. Spending time with a cheery cousin can help with a good mood booster. Even more on it she seems to enjoy topics on flight, birds, or otherwise free flowing forms. Especially birds which she seems to have a lot more info on than the normal person.

Pretty easy to get along with now, and yet if you dare betray her she will dub you an enemy and quite possibly fight you more often than you could handle, she doesn't tolerate betrayal lightly. She seems almost at peace and tends to smile giving off a vibe of good feeling. You may even catch her chanting a song or dancing around like she used to as a child, however if caught she won't run off or anything. Just feel a bit intrused or embarrassed from the situation, which is understandable considering it's something she usually doesn't do.

Where as she used to ignore others, she now encourages others. If anything she feels obliged to help out more and get outside of the crowd to do it. Sure it means a bit of risk but she feels ready to take that in but not overly prideful to push her luck. She's pretty smart in what she does, and thinks things through rather than does them right away. Which comes from some common sense she picked up over her work in the med-nin or hospital work.

Combat Style:
She tends to avoid fighting however if need be she'll use distance as her method of battle. Keeping all enemies at bay at all costs and in general keeping off to the sides. Being that she's more acquainted with medical jutsu, she'll probably hang around victims of a fight rather than be in one. Enemies that attempt to get closed in on her will be swiftly pushed back by her wind jutsu, or she will push herself away using the same method. Because of her healing methods probably being sought out to be eliminated immediately she will not heal out in the open of the battle field.

In general she'll look and act the part of a weak shinobi who hides and cowards away, however just off away from onlookers she'll heal her comrades to be of use once more. in her eyes attacking at all wouldn't serve use, however if she has no choice or decision to act otherwise she will use long distance as her advantage, and especially the sky, pushing herself above others reach distance in order to attack from above.
*Calm Breeze

*VERY Spicy foods

*Guys/Gals (crushes)


*Singing, alone

*The sky on a clear day

Lived with her father Heizu, a noble no clan shinobi who used wind and kenjutsu to aid his battles, her mother Kūki a kimono seamstress who also had a small shop in town where she sold her garments to the public but also held a clan to her name even if the said clan was a dying one, along with her younger brother Tamotsu who unlike Hitomi carried his mother's clan lineage but isn't quite able to learn much because of the dying clan. Most of her years growing up was fairly easy going, Her parents constantly warned her not to become overly proud because they worked hard to keep the family together and alive. She usually took the words for granted but she tends to remember the saying from her mother. "The wind goes in all directions, it can be stormy and loud or soft and quiet. When it comes together it makes a current, and that current is a connection that can tell tales of the past and the future like a friend. Never forget that." It may seem like words but she will one day learn to respect them.

However as she grows she finds out just how hard life can get when during one night a close family friend sneaks into the home and beats her father up mercilessly, on a stormy night no less so they could get away. The reason to this was never found out and because of it her father was severely injured to the point of being unable to be a shinobi. Which devastated the whole family, and sent Hitomi into a shocked state of mind where anytime a storm rolls around, she immediately starts to run and become panicked.
6-11-Academy Years:
She started her schooling and she wasn't the best nor the worst at her jutsu, mostly she was hidden in the crowd along side the other medium classmates. She never seemed to try to make friends with them, only proceeding to work alone for the most part. Because of this however she seemed to have been the only classmate at that time to have the future of being a med-nin. A rare but successful opportunity, not to mention much safer due to being in the defensive lines. She felt this was a good idea so she could protect her family and perhaps even heal her father back to his health.

Of course it would take long, gruelling years to do this and much studying alone. she felt she couldn't trust anyone it seemed, even going so far as to have no trust in the Kage. If anything she was deeply connected to her family above anyone or anything and was willing to risk herself to get better for them. However she had a depressive streak where she'd put herself down quite often, feeling weak and helpless to do anything. This went on for a while and really hurt her self esteem to where she barely even talked anymore.
12-14-Genin Years:
During these years she began as a genin, fresh out of the academy and ready to learn what she needed to. She was first paired into a team under an Uchiha instructor whom she felt was trustworthy and nearly cracked her shell of seclusion. Even better was her first teammate whom she had developed a small crush on, they were really good friends and during missions they'd work together perfectly. However this was not to be for during an invasion attack on her village, her beloved sensei was killed in battle, and with that her comrade took off and disappeared from sight. She was devastated to say the least. Cursing herself on the fact that she could have helped them somehow even though she really couldn't.

She began to push herself harder, going over the edge with some of her training, even to the point passed exhaustion and was just running on fumes that would give out a make her faint. She felt compelled to get better faster, even if it meant causing permanent damage she just had to be better now .Of course this changed very soon with the time she stayed up and trained day and night, forcing herself to exhaustion and then breaking down because of it. She soon however was able to see the better ideas to life through some unexpected friends and this lead to time rolling on as she began to open up slowly, showing her true colors. In all it was odd and hard to manage with a few ups and downs but she got through it.
15-18 Chuunin Years:
During this time she decided to go traveling for a short while, to both see the world and put her mind into place. With this help and aid she began to open up more to people, trusting them with simple information and smiling more often however this wasn't the better for her. As she rather than truly be happy just ignored the problem all together and caused havoc within herself. As she returned home she felt relieved of some stress and worry, however with her father deemed terminal due to his coma-like state and the loss of more friends she desperately needed someone to pick her up.
Key Events:
! Family consists of
-Father-in coma, Mother a kimono seamstress, Little brother in Academy
! Family was attacked on stormy night
-leads to Phobia of storms
! Loses sensei during battle
-leads to insecurity
! Teammate runs off and leaves her alone
-leads to untrustworthiness of others
! Traveled for training and mental stability aid
-leads to ignoring problems or overlooking them
! Father deemed terminal in coma state
- Visits hospital frequently but avoids talking about it
Writing Sample:

She had made her way back to the village after going through the excruciating trials of becoming a chuunin. As she looked around she felt a bit more humbled to know she was here and that she was alive. With this she recalled back to her past which if not for it's aid once before she'd still stand as a Genin or worse, dead. She decided to relax under a building's cover near the village, laying back and just taking in the environment with a grin as wind gently caressed around her. Things just couldn't get any calmer or more quelled than now, any peacefulness that was there was filling her up.

With this she recalled what brought her here, all the terrible past thoughts and deeds yet built her to who she was. From losing her friends and first sensei, to breaking down and crying from how weak she felt, and even from so many plunders and falls from just battling alone and failing. Even the times were she couldn't put her trust in others and felt secluded and alone within her mistakes, keeping others at bay as much as possible, she still felt it was worth it to get to here. She knew she wasn't finished and had a ways to go, but she wasn't going to ignore the fact and feeling of triumph. She gently closed her eyes starting to fall into a nap like she used to, as if saying she could finally rest for the time.

It was odd how she felt the past be there and yet not hurt as badly as it once did. Even if someone were to come up she wouldn't care to notice them at first, as she was busy enjoying herself in the moment, frankly she may even invite them to join her in a joyful manner. Though this wasn't the end to her trials, rather she now felt that suppressing her past was better than acknowledging it somehow. So she still needed to learn better, in fact she still needed someone to trust first. Would she be able to find such a person here? In such a village so empty, it was straining to think on. Perhaps she could travel but even then it wasn't to be easy or let alone let her be accepted so easily either, being an outsider. Oh the trials of being unsure and wavering to the end of her teen years and having to be an adult. So difficult to take in that now she had to be the bigger person and be trusted with much more than a mere child would be.



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2 Re: Hitomi Shiruku (Kiri Chuunin) on Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:05 am

for completion

((I have decided to go to Kiri!))



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3 Re: Hitomi Shiruku (Kiri Chuunin) on Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:45 pm


Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin


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