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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Chakra Control Training [RT]

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1 Chakra Control Training [RT] on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:11 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Stretching his legs, he looked around for someone in the area to spar with. Unfortunately, being a grown man, one was not generally allowed to walk up to smaller children and ask if they wanted to fight, so this time he was probably going to have to train solo, which we was perfectly capable of doing. The classes in the academy made things clear enough, all he had to do was follow their general rules and he would be fine when training. The goal for the day was to get better at controlling his own chakra. He stood staring at a large oak, knowing that many master would train their pupils by telling them to focus their chakra in their feet and climb up the tree without using any hands. This seemed a bit old fashioned and dumbed down.

Placing both hands on the tree before him, he focused his chakra as closely as possible to his palms and pointed his body outward, allowing his full weight to rest in his upper arms. At first, his body seemed to weight too much as gravity tugged down on his arms, but after applying a little bit of his chakra to his chest, the part that was touching against the bark, things were not as difficult due to having multiple points gripping the tree. He did this for a bit, climbing up and down the tree with little issue, though he had to admin, the bark was giving him what felt to be a future rash. He knew he had to stop before his skin turned raw, so he made his way down and moved towards the lake.

At the lake, he looked down into the water to see his reflection peer back up at him, gazing infinitely into his own eyes as he watched the water wade slightly upon each small ripple turning magnificent moving toward him. A sudden throbbing sensation took over the side of his head, aching all the way from his eye to his temple to his ear. He couldn't tell what is was, but the voice once again rang in his ears, hollow yet so vivid. "At this rate. you're destined to die in the exams." The voice would say bluntly. He had to admit he didn't appreciate it much but could do little about it. Instead he decided to focus on other things at hand, hoping to take the voice out of his mind, or even prove it wrong.

The water was no longer moving, as even the wind had completely stopped. It was as if the world itself had stopped moving. This exactly was the focus that Kurono needed in order to concentrate at the task at hand. Generally, people trained by placing their feet on the lake and simply walking forward, though he wished to take an alternate method this time. Leaning forward vertically, he placed borth palms on the ground and leaned forward, allowing his balance to shift according to the weight of his body. With great focus, he walked forward, placing one hand on the water, allowing himself to imagine it as if it was a glass wall, balancing on the water, only just. He lifted the other hand to place onto the water, however at this moment his focus broke with the imaginary glass wall holding him up, causing him to wall into the water, head first.

With great frustration, he managed to lift himself from the water, frowing as the other Genin around him smirked amongst themselves. He didn't find it very funny to be entirely frank, but it was good to know what his limit was for now. However, accepting his limit was a different story. In his head, the voices rang out once more, comparing his inferiority to that of a chakra wielding rabbit. The voice laughed as he did his best to ignore it and lower himself back into hand stand position without attracting too much attention. He repeated the same process, this time much more successful than before. With both hands planted flat on the water, he motioned his way to the center of the lake, or what seemed like the center from how far he had traveled. He smiled and managed to stand back up on his feet without falling through. Kurono took a bow, but it was mainly for himself as the people who seemed to love his failure didn't find his success as amusing it seemed.

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