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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Do Your Best! (Ninjutsu Training) [private]

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1 Do Your Best! (Ninjutsu Training) [private] on Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:28 am


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
It was another quiet morning in the Uzumaki household. The mornings always started off as such. One, because Hana wasn't always so quick to wake up and two, there were only two girls living in a house bigger than they needed. Although it was quite large for two people, neither of them complained. The two were happy with what they had and wouldn't trade it for anything else. Hana loved her room, her bed, her mother, her necklace, and so much more. She was a very understanding child so she never asked for much. This is why her mother was always proud if her and this is why Hana never caused any problems. She always tried to wake up happy but it was hard so she always got time to herself in the morning. Her mother wanted her to be ready when she was ready.

Hana would wake up to her mothers soft voice, "Darling, wake up." She would roll over onto her back and look to the ceiling. Her body would lay there and if she hadn't been breathing she might look lifeless. She would stay in this position for a few moments before smiling and rolling out of the bed. Hana would yawn as she scratched her head and headed to the bathroom, where she would take a shower and get cleaned up. As the girl entered her room once more, she was covered in a towel and walked towards her dresser. Shortly after she had entered her mother would call behind her closed door, "You might want to wear something you don't mind getting wet." This would make Hana look up from her clothes and blink. 'Wet? What in the world are we doing today?' These would be Hana's thoughts until she shrugged. She would then pick out a black T-shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. Her outfits were all the same so it never really mattered what she wore it was all the same to her. Of course, her hair would be thrown up into a pony tail with two strands framing her face and her bangs covering her forehead. Then, atop her head right behind her bangs would sit the girls headband. The same one she always wore. The same one with the same black colored cloth and the same metal plate with the same Konoha symbol on it. She was very proud to wear the symbol of her village. Hana loved the village very much and loved the stories she had heard from her ancestors. They had been apart of this very village as well and they were all very great shinobi. They were her role models and this village was her home. That's why she would always try her best.

Hana would sit down at the table where her breakfast would be sitting. If Hana had a choice she may not eat but her mother always told her there's more to training than just chakra, jutsu, and cool stuff. "You have to train your body and be healthy as well." She would always say to Hana. The girl would always just say yes and do as she was told. One day, her mother knew it would all pay off but for now she would just keep telling Hana the same things until she started doing them on her own. Luckily, it seemed Hana was starting to add breakfast to her routine in the morning but there were still days she would have to be reminded. Soon, the girl was finished eating and she would stand by the door after putting her sandals on.

Hana would only be standing near the door for a moment when her mother enetered. However, this time she carried... nothing. "Mama, where's your stuff?" Hana would say with wide eyes like she was lost. The girl didn't know why her mother wasn't carrying supplies. Were they not training today? "You afre going to learn something different today." This would be her mothers response, which would make the girl feel more relaxed. Hana loved to train and if she missed a day she would feel off. It was almost as if the girl had a mental schedule and if something were off she would be more lost than a dog in a park full of squirrels. Now, she was a slight bit excited and couldn't wait to see what they were doing. The girl quickly opened the door and started walking in the direction of her favorite training place until her mother stopped her. "Hana we're going somewhere else first ok? We'll head there later." Hana had stopped in her tracks and turned around. "Oh. Ok mama." Hana would then follow her mother and let her lead the way to wherever it was they were going.

It had been a shorter journey than expected but to Hana it seemed like a lifetime with all the excitment she had. When they stopped in fromt of a river area, Hana blinked and tilted her head. "What are we doing here? Walking on water." Hana would say with a slight giggle. "Exactly." Her mother would reply as she smiled from the middle of the river. Hana would look up with her mouth wide open. She didn't know what to think of this. There was no way. Her mother was walking... on the water. Hana was so glad that she was a shinobi. "Awesome!" Hana would almost squeal as she immediately tried to step on the water. That plan didn't work so well because soon enough the girls foot was soaked and she was staring at it. Hana would stare at her mother and then at her foot and back to her mother. It looked so easy and if so why wasn't it working? Hana would try to step again only to get the same results. This is when the child would look to her mother. Her eyes would travel up and down the woman.. There had to be more than what she was seeing. So, the girl would start from the head and examine the woman all the way to her feet. Just when she was about to give up, Hana noticed something. The water around her mothers feet was different than the rest but why? After a moment, the girl finally got it... chakra!

Hana would be standing at the edge of the river when she took a deep breath. She hoped that what she was thinking was right. The child would hover her foot above the water as she tried her hardest to focus her chakra there. It was harder than it was to focus it to her hand considering she had done it so many times. However, she soon would open her eyes to see she was standing on the water but it felt slightly off. To her it was almost as if she had stepped she would sink to the bottom but she had to move. "Come on. You can do it." Her mother would be cheering for her from the middle of the river. Hana would step slowly keeping focus on her chakra and soon enough she had reached her mother. "Look Mama. I.. I'm doing it." Hana would say as she stood in front of her mother. The girl would then continue to walk around for a while longer. Hana walked for quite a while and soon enough she was running on the water with no problem. This new accomplishment made her smile, laugh, and shout with joy. However, soon enough she would be done with that task and her mother would mover her along to a new one.

About halfway through the day, the two ladies would end up at Hana's favorite training spot. Hana would smile and look up through the branches, where she would see rays of sunshine and the color of the pink flowers. This would make her smile and breathe in deeply. "Sometimes I wish I could reach the very top and look out at everything!" Hana would say as she opemed her arma up wide. This would make her mother laugh and say with a smile, "Well, you can. All you have to do in walk up it." Hana's mother would stick her foot to the side of the tree and continue to walk up it. "What?! We can wakk up trees too?!" Hana would hold her head as if she was in disbelief. She would look around almost frantically,, "What else can we do?!" Her mother would once again laugh at the child's amusement. She loved when her daughter learned new things because she always had an expression of amazment on her face. "Well, anythinh you put your mind to, darling. For now, lets get you up her so you can see this." Her mother would yell from the top of the tree. Hana would look up and her eyes would widen. "Oh yeah! Ok!" Hana would put her foot on the tree but it would slip off. "Oh yeah chakra." Hana would close her eyes taking another deep breath. She would concentrate her chakra to her feet once more. It was still harder than with her hand but it was getting close to the same. She would stick her foot on the tree and it would stick. The girl would stick her other foot up there and it would stick. So, the girl would walk up,up,up. However, about a third of the way she would slip and fall down,down,down. Hana would land kn her butt and stand up quickly. "Ow ow ow." she would say as she rubbed her rear. The girl would look up to her mother who was smiling. "Try a running start." So, Hana would back up and run full speed at the tree concentratinv her chakra as she got closer. Then, before she knew it she was half way then very close to the top. Soon enough, she was on the higest branch right next to her mother.

As the girl made it to the top branch, she would brend over and take a breather. She would then stand up and look out with her mouth wide open again. "Woah... it's.. it's beautiful." Hana would stare out at the many trees, flowers, animals, and even the village. It was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. However, it was far from sunset and Hana wanted to see it with the orange light. So, until that time the girl would practice getting closer and closer to the tree as she started. It would start to feel more natural as she focused her chakra to her feet. The process of climbing the tree felt like a no brainer. It felt as if everyone were born with the knowledge and ability to do it. Soon enough, the girl was starting from the bottom and walking up the tree. It made her feel wonderful and by the time she was done the sun was setting. Hana got to see the orange color of the light shine upon the very village she loved. Now, this was definitely the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Hana felt the love pour from the orange light onto the village wondering if maybe there were more than one persom watching over it. She wondered if maybe everyone of her ancestors and maybe more were watching the village grow and become something wonderful. Hana knew her father was one of them and she knew that as long as he was around she would be safe. Hana knew he would watch over her and her mother. She would leave it up to whoever else was with him to watch the rest of the people until she could do it hwrself.

Hana would desend from the tree with a smile and her mother would pet her head. "You did amazing today darling." Hana would smile and look to her mother. "I think Daddy would say the same. I'm always trying to do my best. Its just like he did right?" Hana would continue to smile as the two continued there journey home. "Of course. You're so much like him. Don't doubt you are for one second." Her mother would wipe the tears from her face as she looked into her daughters eyes. They were inherited from her father, which her mother believed was a blessing." Hana would hug her mother as they left the small area and the tree.

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