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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Sohryu Kaguya

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1 Sohryu Kaguya on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:16 am


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

Name: Sohryu Kaguya
Nicknames: Soh
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Clan: Kaguya
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin

Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs.
Description: From a young age, Soh has possessed relatively fair skin; through the years however, it has become lined with scars and shifted to a light tan. Snow white locks cascade from the crown of this shinobi, spilling into emerald eyes as it continues down the back of his neck. Harsh eyes possess a natural fierceness that strikes fear in to those who stand against them; paralyzing the largest men with dismay. An average nose possessing a smaller bridge progresses down from the center of his eye, maintaining proportion with his slender facade. Beneath small and hidden nostrils lays thin rose lips, lightly tinted red from the blood flow to the area of his body. The lack of broad shoulders is made up for in his striking distance; able to reach twenty-eight inches without advancing. An abundance of ripened muscles line his upper body, large veins visible upon his arms. The remained of his upper torso(pectorals, abs, and back muscles included) remains consistent with his arm, revealing him as very well built for a man of his size.

Thin legs possess great power and acceleration. Beneath his crimson garments, he wears white boxers with vertical blue stripes. The kimono however, is simple though eloquent. It gives of a casual and fierce air, making him seem like a man of great professional skills. And while this apparel is quite suave in the face of customers, he also holds more stealthy and combat flexible attire for special purposes. Soh holds his body with great posture, body language depicting a great pride he bears within. He stands above the average male, and will grace those he knows with a gentle smile. Anyone else who lays eyes upon the male would shiver out of fear for his merciless facade. When in a combat situation, Soh is well prepared; using concealment to his advantage. All of his items usually lay tucked away beneath the red cloths, unseen to those who approach him. Even movements within the kimono such as hand seals are very difficult, if not impossible to see at a range no further than two meters. Any further, and one would have any chance of predicting his actions, giving him somewhat an advantage as an adept user of taijutsu and genjutsu.

Nindo: Knowledge is power.
Personality Description: Soh is a very calm, collective person who prides himself in enjoying his life to the fullest in every which way. To some extent he has become somewhat of an adrenaline junkie; seeking travel and adventure through every corridor acting as if there were no bad in the world. It could stem from the fact that he has no family and finds peace within the moment of clarity or it could be an escape, suppression, from the fact that he is forever alone. The shinobi is not a very quiet individual when it comes to issues of importance and is a very good random-talker. He makes up stories as he goes, perplexing his listeners and jiving them with compliments as he goes along. But don’t let the seemingly A.D.D. personality fool you, he is quite analytical when talking. He annotates everything and anything out of particular curiosity.

He enjoys the feminine company more because he has failed countless times trying to get a male to become interested in whatever it is he is randomly rambling about. But there is also a darker side to the shinobi that some rarely get to share. Within the confines of his soul lies a hole which is angry and bloodthirsty. Because of his fatality rate, it seems as if he will never stop until his opponent is dead. But on some days that differs. Soh dresses like a shinobi every chance he can. He enjoys his life as a hunter because of the travelling that comes along with the job. He is always quick to break a sweat if it meant he were gaining something important from it, but not like money or anything. Soh is not materialistic, he would rather you give him a bowl of ramen than a payment of ryo but that is only because his parents left him their life savings; he would be rich forever and therefore needed no other source of income.

Generous in many ways, Soh is. He constantly gives to the poor and needy, never once thinking about himself first. It not only makes him a well-rounded man, but a good team-player when in battle. He is the supportive type of fighter, never allowing a teammate to fall unless he himself were in danger of dying as well.
Favorites: -

History: Seventeen years ago, a child born into the Hidden Sand Village would shamefully expose the characteristics of his father, a member of the Kaguya Clan. Having a terrifying and abusive history with the man, the mother would discard the infant in a concealed location, a great distance from the village. The newborn was discovered by a woman and her husband. Although the married couple had recently been granted a son, the couple would take the boy in as their own and name him Sohryu Itoyama. The secrets of his bloodlimit would not be recognized until years later. For decades, the Itoyama had been a well recognized family within Sand, and known for providing elite and powerful ninja. The parents agreed to deny Soh the truth of him being abandoned as a child. Instead, Kairo and Soh were so close in age they were deceived into believing they were one another's twin brother. It was not a difficult task to pull off considering Kairo and Soh had both been born with the familiar shimmering bright green optics and long unkept hair.

Soh's adoptive parents were notably appreciated Jounin of the Sand Village, all their lives they had dreamt of nothing but elite strength, of which would be passed onto their sons. Since they were very young, Kairo and Soh had been notified the importance of power, and that it alone was the key to success. Yet, they could not pursue strength if it meant they would turn into their brother's enemy. They admired one another simultaneously, and even though it never slipped their lips, they would develop a strong bond as brothers. Entering the academy would gradually force Soh to distance himself from Kairo, who absorbed knowledge at an intimidating rate. As a boy, Soh constantly sought the praise and approval by both his parents, his father especially. Kairo would be seen as a barrier in boy's eyes, one that he had to overcome to reach the thing he longed for beyond anything else.

In disgrace, Soh would view the event of his brother's graduation from the academy by their tenth birthday. Kairo obviously possessed potential greater than his sibling's, and their father took immediate note of Soh's lack of achievement. Not long after the failed graduation test, Soh's parents would be informed of the boy's bloodlimit by the Kage of Sand after being given such information by Soh's birth mother herself. Once realizing her son had lived through her efforts to rid the village of his existence, she could not refrain from confessing her crime to Lord Kazekage. The Kaguya were viewed as a disgusting clan of hostile ninja by the Itoyama, and immediately their hearts were shut out from the child they saved years ago. Kairo was given the knowledge of Soh's true birthright, and that he was not truly Soh's brother by blood. They would turn their backs on the young man, and he would be left to dwell in his confusion. By the age of twelve, Soh would at long last rise to Genin, yet no family member would attend the Genin's graduation.

Requesting answers from his grandparents, aunts and uncles, Soh would soon come to realize he didn't merely vanished from his parent's and brother's lives, but his entire family's. After finally reaching Genin, his brother surpassed Soh for a second time by advancing to Chuunin only a month later. As it would seem, Soh's accomplishments would never gain him his parent's love and acceptance. While Soh forgot the dream every member of the Itoyama family embraced, Kairo had done all in his power to chase after it. Soh's ignorance would be punished one cold night in the Sand Village. The Itoyama and Soh's biological mother would come to an agreement. Soh's parent would disguise herself as a Rain ninja assassin, and be given the final opportunity to exterminate the child of the Kaguya Clan. In return, she had given her word to the Itoyama that she would get the family safely out of Kaze no Kuni while having absolutely no tracker shinobi trailing behind.

Since seeing the Kaguya as a curse in their household, this is exactly what the family wished for; to begin anew in an entirely different country. Clothed in darkness and bearing the symbol of Rain, the mother Sohryu never knew would be preparing herself to abduct the boy and dispose of him in anyway she desired. Intense hatred toward the Kaguya before Soh would be transferred to the boy who had no understanding of what the man had done to her in the past. A violent jerk of his nerves ripped Soh from his harmonious slumber, welcomed by an intense piercing sensation at his left ankle. A single senbon had plummeted into Soh's fragile flesh, and for the first time he would stare into the eyes of his mother, Shirashi Kihara, but her face was concealed in secrecy. As Soh screamed for his parent's assistance, he would be muted by a hand compressed over his jaws. No actual jutsu would be used to slowly kill Soh, but merely ninja tools.

Denying Soh a peacefully swift death, and alternatively savoring her revenge, a long session of hellish torture would lay forth. The Rain sadist would not rush herself to finish Soh, and over time the pathetic juvenile would lay contorted into the fetal position, drenched in blood, sweat, urine and vomit. The Genin's broken body quivered in extreme terror and untold misery, anxiously awaiting the end to rescue him from the inhumane torture. The darkened pain bottled in Soh's core known as the Kaguya bloodline had other intentions however. Nearing death, Soh refused a hand that would have undoubtedly taken him to another dimension. Instead, he submitted to his despair. Eyes once belonging to no other but himself would suddenly become merely windows to the outside world for Soh to witness the barbarous acts he was capable of once he was no longer in control. To avoid death, Soh had awakened the unearthly agony lingering deep within. Pain he never once spoke of to anyone.

Of course, this greatly interfered with the plan that was formed while Soh had remained in the darkness. The little control Soh had over his body was used to refrain himself from doing the unspeakable. Standing above a barely conscious supposed Rain Shinobi, Soh lowered to his hands and knees, in the form some sort of blood lusting beast. The Kaguya's jaw could close around the flesh that extended over the warrior's shoulder. She battled against the crazed monster, but in the end her strength would fail her, and within minutes she slipped from this life, saturated in a pool of gore and tattered skin. To this day, Soh does not understand he is the murderer of the very woman who introduced him into the world. Her passing seemed to click in Soh's head seconds later, and finally the boy would return to a conscious state of mind, revealing a shocking image. The boy was speechless to see a large portion of the ninja's shoulder and neck that had been clearly eaten away. Tears training down from the Genin's face, trembling hands were spread over his reddened eyes.

Pitifully, he embraced his arms tightly to his chest, on his knees and contorted into a sphere, forehead pressed to the dirt. In such a position, Soh appeared to be so young, far younger than the twelve year old boy he truly was. Soh absolutely refused to believe he ever, any point in his life, longed for the taste of his own kind's flesh. Still he could not deny he had taken on a cannibalistic persona as he submitted to the demon within. He desperately wished for answers, thus the fatally wounded young man commenced the search for his parents. The desperate search was futile... the entire Itoyama had evacuated the village, leaving absolutely no trace of their existence behind. For the second time, Soh had been abandoned. That night, Soh was proclaimed a traitor of the Sand Village, and he wandered without rest until entering the Land of Snow. The freezing temperatures quickly overpowered Soh, injured and exhausted, and he awoke within the hospital of a small village.

The visions coming to him as he lay paralyzed had been far different from his recent experiences, and once accepting the reality of things, Soh would set his destination to the Land Hidden in the Leaves. The headband of the Sand Village would be carelessly thrust into the dirt. Stepping upon its plate, the Sand's insignia would be imprinted in the soft soil while the ninja's journey would commence, his destination set in the north. Weeks of travel would reward Soh with the discovery of Kirigakure no Sato. Once accepted as a ninja of the Mist, Soh was constantly under observation by Black Ops, due to his history as being a Missing Nin. With determination to rise at excelled rates, Soh became a Genin within his first year as a Mist Shinobi. Since his family's disappearance, Soh has resurrected the lone goal his family had followed for as long as he can remember. He can't resist wonder, was it because he lacked this objective he couldn't rival the pace his brother advanced at? There's no mistake Soh will one day find the answers.

Key Events:
Born in Suna.
Tortured by his mother.
Discovered his Kaguya heritage during torture.
Ran away from Suna and found Kiri.
Writing Sample: This is to tell us how good you are. If you are new, this is required. If you are making another character, please tell us what other characters you have used!

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2 Re: Sohryu Kaguya on Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:18 am

Bum ass 17 year old Genin.



[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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