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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Kasumi Furue

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1 Kasumi Furue on Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:00 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

Name: Kasumi Furue
Nicknames: Sekinetsu Taigā (lit. Red Hot Tiger) or just Taigā
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Clan: Furue Clan
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin

Height: 5'8
Weight: 125

It's clear when one looks at Kasumi that she is from a upbringing fit for royalty or extreme discipline. Before her physical appearance can be explained it is always noted that her body language is what stands out the most. Kasumi stands tall and no matter whom she looks at it always seems that she is looking down on them even when she must look up to see anyone. Her posture never falters and it is one that commands respect. Her back is straight with her chin always slightly up and out, not so much too seem like she is challenging anyone but enough to show that she is in complete control. When she walks she takes long strides that are well grounded and precise, graceful and calculating . It's because of her outstanding form that her true beauty shines.

Kasumi facial appearance is in her honest opinion the second thing others see when they look at her. She has creamy vanilla colored skin that shows a few scars here and there and usually a bandage or two. Her skin is also soft to the touch and lets off a light clean scent at all times. Her face is oval shaped and on her face she holds one pair of gold eyes, over her eyes are neat eyebrows which are thin and sharp. Kasumi's eyes hold a rather uninterested and stern gaze when looking at a person, this contradicts what she actually feels it's just the way her face has grown over the years. Just below her eyes is a small, sharp, and slightly upturned nose. Her lips are rose pink in color and soft to the touch with her top and bottom lip being plump. She wears no make up on her face and has a natural glow to her.

Her dna background has blessed Kasumi with soft, crimson  locks which shines beautifully no matter what the light ( or lack of ). She rarely if ever styles her hair and ties it into a bun.  bangs swoop to one side or the other ( depending on how she does this ) while longer strands fall just above her breast. Her hair is wavy and Kasumi dislikes cutting her hair but does so to maintain her neatly trimmed ends. Kasumi rarely if ever lets anyone touch her hair, seeing this as a very intimate thing and would rather no one at all had done so.

Strikingly handsome Kasumi seems to fill the role of the " rough yet cool girl " in terms of looks. Capturing the attention ( and most of the times hearts ) of females, while intimidating ( and charming ) males. Standing at a height of five feet and eight inches and weighing in at one hundred and twenty- five pounds, Kasumi frame is rather lean with nothing being small nor too large. Underneath her clothing one can clearly tell that she keeps herself fit. Her body is toned though not overly muscular yet with obvious signs that she has a rather rigorous training regime. Her arms and legs are slender with her legs being just a bit thicker around the thigh area. Her waist nips in and her hips flare out giving her a hourglass figure, though on slightly more petite scale, only giving her a more youthful appearance. Her hands are small and her fingers are long though delicate while her nails are always neatly done in a perfect manicure

Nindo: " I don't give a fuck about who you are. I'll Do what I god damn please. "

Personality Description:
Kasumi is a very open indiviusal, who is quick to anger and even quicker to take action to let that anger loose. She isn't one to sit at home sipping tea or making friends, she is the type of person to train until her body refuses to move, and to pick fights with things bigger than her no matter what the consequence. She is rather hardheaded and extremely strong willed, a bull to the core and easily triggered into seeing red. It's very hard to tell Kasumi anything and it's best for those who want to get to know her, to just follow her lead. It would seem that Kasumi is in a constant bad mood or at least pissed off a lot, but it's really just her rather strong personality that can and will consume weaker folk. She does not speak to anyone with respect by using honorifics , not even the Mizukage who just happens to be her step mother. She is very " tomboyish " and gets very upset when someone brings gender into skill which leads her to challenge them without question.

Kasumi is the one to shoot the hands first and never ask questions. She responds to everything with deep sarcasm or in quick retort. She is not a people person but knows how to maintain herself socially if she feel oh so inclined to do ( which rarely happens ). The only time Kasumi seems to not be " turnt up " is when she is sleeping or in the company of one she actually likes. With that being said Kasumi is loyal to the end and there is nothing she won't do for those she cares about and gets very defensive when it comes to them. She won't hesitate to take a bullet for those she has chosen to care for. The few who has earned her friendship are loved deeper than her own family unless her family has earned that type of love from her. Around her friends she is quite the calm one, something of a rarity and only something her friends would see which is why the would understand her more than anyone else. Kasumi can be classified as rough on the outside and like fire on the inside, she is literally a volcano.

Very deep under all this Kasumi is still....A female. She loves the color pink and adores things she sees a cute. She has a sweet tooth that can probably kill her. She makes sure no one knows about her addiction to kitties and puppies and If they do she aims to beat them senseless until they forget. The only person allowed to know about her " weakness " as she calls it is her father. Her room is filled with plush dolls and stuffed animals. She secretly dress up in skirts and dress and puts make up on, but never leaving her room dressed like that. This side of her is so covered up that she has had a genjutsu placed on her room, making it seem very dull and dark instead of the princess wonderland it truly is. She is deeply ashamed of this and tries her hardest to reject that lifestyle but it takes over her, and this fight with herself is the hardest that she has to go through constantly...Which is probably why or at least one of the reasons why she likes to start shit with others.

When it comes to battles Kasumi is an idiot and not made for all that strategy talk. She isn't a complete idiot and will listen to a plan before doing her job as the tank. She likes getting up close and personal and is not above using her clan's techs to cause damage even though she knows it can be too devastating even to her own allies. All she wants to do is run up in there not even ask if it's an enemy or not and whoop ass. She is the distraction. She is the damage dealer. She is that one idiot who can take the beating while everyone else plays the back. But alone She is not as stupid as she lets on to be. She has a few tricks up her sleeves and knows how to utilize her jutsus in a way that best fits her.

* Fighting
* Her father
* Eating
* Training
* Cute things
* Sweets

Kasumi was born to a drug head and a not as bad drug head. She grew up living with her father and visiting her rotting scum of a mother. Her mother was a disgusting being but she loved Kasumi, something Kasumi couldn't understand at all. If she loved me so, why does she keep doing that to herself and not help dad take care of me. Kasumi though this a lot and it fueled her ever growing disgust for her mother. Upon reaching a certain age Krenos's, kasumi's father adopted a kid named Keita. Keita was cute to Kasumi and she took a strong liking to him being around. The trio moved to Kiri and there she was placed into the academy. She failed multiple times on the account her being just a bit out of touch with team work. Eventually she graduated into becoming and genin. During that time Krenos took a liking to some woman who would later go on to become the Mizukage. Kasumi didn't really care for the woman or her children but she tolerated them due to the fact that her dad loved them. So the family got a little bigger and now here she was a genin.

the end.
Key Events:

Born to a drug addict and Krenos Furue
Moved to Kiri with dad
became genin
Writing Sample:
This is my Alt..I am Exalted~ You know that! hehe.

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2 Re: Kasumi Furue on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:12 pm


Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin
Yea sure yer approveds


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