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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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1Loki Empty Loki on Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:03 pm


Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin
Loki Bell.Cranel.600.1863399
Loki Senju

   Age: 15
   Gender: Male

   Village: Kumo
   Clan: Senju
   Rank: C
   Shinobi Rank: Chuunin

   Height: 5'11
   Weight: 170 lbs
   Appearance: Loki is a young man. His body is built quite average looking for a young man as well. He is roughly five foot, eleven inches tall, give or take a centimeter. He is naturally slender too. He only weighs 170 pounds, taking his height into equation its not that much. His muscles are toned quite well and can be seen fairly easily. His arms looking hardly more than round cylinders without a second glance. Of course being a child of only fifteen years old he has some growing to do. Even so he manages to hide the few years of muscle he's amassed through working quite well. He's likely only to grow another inch or two in the years to come having just finished a growth spurt.

He has a young face. He typically shaves the little bit of scruff his still developing face can manage to grow. Combine that with his slightly long silver hair that rolls down to his eyes and he has the look of a teenage punk. To mix thing up on occasion the boy will apply a few 'manly' products to his hair to stand it up in a nice and much more mature looking fashion. His eyes however are somewhat of an oddity. Each of them being a different color, and the colors themselves unique as well. The left eye is a light red, almost crimson, with a light amber looking color on the very edges of the iris. The other eye is of course a yellowish-brown, Amber if you will, with the very edges of the iris shifting into a light red, being the opposite of his left eye.

He often seen wearing a variety of T-shirts, pants, shorts, long sleeved shirts, jackets. If it can be worn, Loki can be seen wearing it. His most general attire that he can be seen wearing most often would be a comprised of a white button up shirt, covered by a black jacket and black slacks.

   Personality: Loki is a relatively calm, friendly, and easy going person. He is very polite, respectable, and sometimes very suave when he speaks, making him the perfect gentleman. He has a playful sense of humor, and tends to be very sarcastic and will often tease or make jokes at the expensive of others in good fun. He does however know when to stop joking and be serious, such as having a conversation where his jokes would be inappropriate, or when talking to his superiors, well most times he does, there are other times when his childish behavior gets the best of him and gets him in to a bit of trouble but he's just a kid. He is extremely sharp minded and has great observational skill, tending to notice things other's don't, a trait he picked up to help him detail things better for his writing. He tends to treat most combat situations like a game and will continue to make jokes even teasing his opponent, unless something should happen that changes his mood. He likes high places and tends to be found relaxing somewhere high such as in a tree or on the roof of a building when not doing anything. He also enjoys reading good books, which has led to a passion for writing his own poetry and novels during his free time and is relaxing. Loki tends to do what he thinks is right, but what he thinks is right isn't always the right thing. Being a kid however is tough his playful mindset and childish ways are sadly not set in stone and the ever so present role models will always his influence him amongst the many other children who look up to them. Loki knows he has to grow up one day, so he does what he can to prolong that day as much as possible.

   Likes: Girls, girls, girls, food, sports, money, girls.
   Dislikes: broccoli the rest depends on his mood.

Some ninja are taught to cover up emotion. Its inhabitants are taught to cover up fear. And couples are quickly taught to cover up problems. To admit failure in a relationship would be to admit weakness. Thus, relationships such as that of Loki’s parents continue for years, decades, lifetimes. This particular story of tragedy is not a new one, however. It goes as follows: Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Girl has a baby. Boy gets drunk. Of course the Boy was not always a drunk. It started mere months after Loki was born, some people say that having a child is an ordeal. A test of ones spirits. Well this was especially true for Ebisu. Once a tough a man who fought bravely for his country, caved under the pressures of fatherhood. His life had been turned around. His mother fared far better as her love for her son strengthened her resolve.

Loki’s mother, Ayame, was an angel among mortals. Her luscious golden hair reflected the light, creating a halo of brilliance around her. She was coveted by many during her childhood, but through her naïveté she chose the wrong one. Ebisu was a brutish man, who held semblances of good looks, but the personality of a boar. He knew how to seduce a girl, and took advantage of Ayame’s virginity to trick her into a relationship, and trick her into marriage. Things were good for a while, but then Loki was born, and Ebisu began frequenting the bars, unable to deal with parenthood. The first big fight came when Ayame announced she wanted to move to Kumogakure. Ebisu, whose entire heritage lay in the hidden mist, refused, and resorted to force when words were not enough. The screams were so loud at first that Loki, now four years old, couldn’t help but notice. As Ebisu pushed his mother up against the wall, her hands grasped in his, and his distorted face inches away from hers, Loki looked on in frightened ignorance. The light from the window covered Ayame in her heavenly halo.

Ayame attempted to bring up the issue many times, determined to give Loki a better life than she had, but every time it led to her against the wall, or on the floor. Soon, Ebisu’s visits to the bar became more frequent, and his abuse occured more often, and less provoked. One night Ebisu attempted to take his anger out on Loki, and Ayame through herself in front of her child. Ebisu gave up on the boy, but instead increased his usual beating on Ayame. Loki sat crunched up in the corner, tears rolling down his eyes as blood rolled from his mother’s. Loki quickly learned to become invisible. He hid as best he could, covering his ears to the frightening screams. Outside a thick mist perpetually stood, acting as earmuffs to the outside world.

Then, one night, Ebisu had a change of heart. There was only one thing more shameful than leaving the hidden mist: being responsible for his wife’s death. It was not that he killed her with his fists, but mentally she was dead long before she publicly committed suicide. Loki’s troubled present can largely be traced back to the moment when Loki, happily racing home from his first day of the ninja academy, witnessed his mother dead along the main street of Tsukigakure. It was surreal at first. So much that Loki never saw, and never knew about the note his mother had left him. It was a sweet note.

Ebisu knew all about the note, however, and all about the cruelties it exposed. Though he was a man of cruelty, he was moreover a man of pride, and he couldn’t bear shaming his family’s name. In one last effort to repent for his actions, he uprooted Loki, and travelled to Kumogakure, leaving the dead Ayame behind. Loki, at this point, was so devastated he barely had enough energy to pack up all his things. He felt betrayed by his mother. How could she leave him with this monster? How could she abandon him? No, he felt more than betrayal. He felt anger.

Old habits continued in Kumogakure. The seemingly always present ominous overcast sky would persistently hang over the village, and now Ebisu turned his drunken rages on Loki. Loki was now enrolled in the academy at the age of 8, and turned out to be a sort of prodigy, quickly mastering the basic jutsu and becoming a genin. He now learned how to harness his natural talents of painting, and focused on learning some more advanced artistic techniques. At home he began painting more and more, until he ran out of paper and began using the walls. Ebisu hardly approved of this, and whenever he found another drawing, the beatings would get more and more severe. Soon, Loki learned to make his paintings transcend paper, and become three-dimensional, quickly furthering his ninjutsu studies. His favorite thing to draw was lions. He used to imagine that one would go on a rampage and rip his father to pieces.

However, as he got older, and the bruises became more frequent, they became harder and harder to explain. Loki knew when his father was coming home – he could hear him from blocks away – but he was still too weak to prevent anything. One night, after making a large mural of lions on the wall, Loki messed up, and dumped his bucket of paint all over his body. He was covered, and there was no way to hide the evidence of his mistake. He heard his father coming from down the street, and his heart sunk. There was nothing he could do. He ran into the corner, and just like when he was a kid, crunched up in the fetal position. He closed his eyes and hoped more than anything that he could truly be strong; simply acting it was no longer sufficient. He hoped, and hoped, and prayed - prayed to god, prayed to his mother, prayed to the mona lisa, that he wouldn’t have to withstand the upcoming beating. He poured chakra out of his body, which in turn fused with the ground and out rose sharp, gleaming, transparent crystals. Loki’s prayers were answered. Ebisu entered the room, looked around, furious at Loki, but unable to find him. Ebisu slopped down on his bed, and rolled into sleep. By the next morning Loki had cleaned everything up.

And so it was that Loki learned to truly be invisible. He painted beautiful, more complex murals on the wall that his father was helpless to view. He progressed greatly, and began learning fuuinjutsu in the academy. He managed to avoid his father’s drunken rages often, but not completely. Every so often he would be caught painting still, and Loki would have to try his hardest to avoid his father’s punches. Loki grew fast; too fast for his father, in fact. At that point Loki stopped becoming invisible. He liked taunting his father. He harbored so much hate, that the daily “beatings” became the best part of his day, able to make his father seem like a fool. This caused Ebisu’s alcoholism to get worse, and in turn the beatings, but by now Loki was too skilled of a ninja to be hit by a blubbering idiot such as his father. One night, after Ebisu came home particularly drunk, and was humiliated by his son, he went out again for more. Ebisu never returned. Loki never learned what happened to his father, and he never cared. If he died, and rotted for the rest of the eternity in some back alleyway, then good riddance.

The rest is well... History. Now an orphaned child who was enrolled in the academy gained a foster family to stay with as he gained his footing in the real world. With a new loving family, even they could never replace his mother, he thrived. Soon his 'troubled' attitude disappeared or rather was buried deep down. Now a happy go lucky regular kid he trained to be a ninja. Specifically he trained to be a better person. Loki graduated his first year in the academy coming out as a genin at the age of twelve. The next two years of Loki's life would seem to breeze by. Work as a ninja was always an adventure, in some way or another. As a genin they did very menial things that the real warriors couldn't be bothered with, but that didn't stop Loki from constantly training. His constant training would pay off in the end. His body grown and more fit than most his age. At age fifteen he would be recommended for a promotion to Chuunin, one which he would eagerly accept. The pay and workload were both a good change of pace. And so the story continues...


Loki Rsz_1d10

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2Loki Empty Re: Loki on Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:35 pm


Go make the clan before I review.


[22:44:40]  Katsuro : cant find a decent discussion without name calling
[22:45:15] Roku : yeah. it gets pferetty bad sometimes too
[22:45:34] Albion : xD I dont call those discussions Kat. I call those pissing contest.
[22:45:39]  Katsuro : lol
[22:45:46]  Katsuro : they start out as discussions though
[22:46:09]  Katsuro : then they devolve into caveman discussions where they beat each other over the heads with clubs until someone passes out or dies
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