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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Kali Himitsu [Mizukage]

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1 Kali Himitsu [Mizukage] on Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:22 am

Name: Kali Himitsu.
Nicknames: Lady Kali.
Gender: Female.
Age: Twenty-nine.
Clan: Terumi. [Boil & Lava]
Village: Kirigakure no Sato.
Rank: Mizukage.

Height: Five feet, five.
Weight: One hundred and thirty-seven.

Description: Kali may look not a day over twenty-one, but contrary to her physical appearance she’s just shy of her thirties. Yes, this woman who stands five feet five inches and weighs a measly one hundred and thirty-seven pounds, is twenty-nine, but has managed to keep her youthful appearance somehow. She has chocolate brown eyes that seem to know all and perhaps see all which stands out against her fair, porcelain, skin tone. She also has very dark brown hair that borders on being black, she calling her hair color off black since it’s difficult to distinguish rather or not it’s black or brown without the assistance of light. Her hair is fairly long, okay not fairly long, it’s long, like just shy of her rear sort of long though one would argue this fact since when tied up her hair looks shorter than it actually is. Speaking of which, the Mizukage has a habit of tying her hair up with large bows whilst having her side-locks pulled into hair tubes. The color of these items differ a lot, though she’s prone to wearing blue and red hair accessories so that it matches her outfit. As for her long bangs, well she has left those alone, allowing it to frame her face.

As for attire, Kali is the sort of person to wear ribbons around her wrist and ankles, the color of which is either blue, black, or red. To be frank she wears more ribbons than the average person, one large on in her hair and another one around her neck, the former which matches the color of her outfit whilst the latter is paired with a specific color, blue scheme outfit is paired with a darker blue ribbon, red scheme outfit is paired with a yellow ribbon, and black scheme outfit is paired with a red ribbon. Her outfit matches that of a miko, sleeveless top that is red, blue, or black which reveals the sarashi underneath. A skirt of varies lengths that match that of the top. Detached sleeves that are white with trim matching that of the outfit color scheme, the only exception being the one for the black outfit which is black with red trim. Shoes are not something Kali wears, she hates them, like really loathes them and thus is very against wearing them, but if she does than she shall wear a brown pair of shoes.

Nindo: "Information can change a whole lot of things."
Personality Description: Kali wouldn’t describe herself as a pacifist, nor would she consider herself a war hungry dictator, but she would describe herself as the sort of person who is merely trying to do right by her people and her family. She is an empathetic person, has been since she could remember, and thus sympathizing with people is something she is able to do, though she isn’t the sort of person to think that she knows exactly what ones if going through. With eyes that seem to see know all, and with years of honing her natural ability to read an individual’s emotions no matter how hard they try to mask it, lying to this Mizukage is futile. Not only is lying to her futile, but by committing such an act you have indirectly insulted her intelligence as well as broken her trust and thus will be viewed with suspicion, ranging from mild to extreme. She may be kind and she may be understanding, but lying to her won’t be tolerated so one may as well tell her the truth or not speak at all.

It has been stated and displayed on numerous occasions that Kali is a family woman, enjoying the time that she spends with her husband and four children. Her love for her family is clear to see and can only be matched with her love for those who dwell within her village. She isn’t the sort of person prone to suspicions unless one gives her a reason to, but she also isn’t the sort of person who welcomes missing-ninja into village. She does welcome outsiders to visit, but if she doesn’t receive prior notice of their coming than they will be turned away from her village though she does well to do it in a kind manner. The reason for this is the simple fact that Kali wants to know who is leaving and entering her village and thus allowing random people to come would definitely not do. She doesn’t like troublemakers all that much since they tend to make the lives of others very difficult. If an adult is being troublesome they shall be met with mild annoyance on her end and asked to stop, if it’s a child she shall attempt to be understanding but if the situation continues punishments are in order. She may be kind but one shouldn’t take it as a sign of weakness or an inability to be tough, she’s the Mizukage and tough decisions are something she’s faced with on a regular basis.

Not the sort of person to immediately trade blows with an individual, one would think her a pacifist, but Kali just really doesn’t like fighting. It’s something she considers quite troublesome and thus if she can talk things out over a cup of tea than by god she shall do so. If anything Kali is simply a diplomatic person. But there are situations where that isn’t an option and when those arise she isn’t afraid to throw down and show her opponent their place on the food chain. She is very open minded person and welcome to suggestions, but isn’t afraid to outright tell somebody that their words are stupid, her children inheriting their bluntness from somebody, but she isn’t the sort of person to belittle somebody. From her experience, flinging insults only end up in a screaming match that she quite frankly is too mature to sit through.

Kali doesn’t think herself a cruel person, well at least not as cruel as she can be. She is the sort of person who is kind to her allies and ruthless towards her enemies. A calculating person who analyzes everything before making a decision, as well as being able to figure things out with limited amount of information, intelligence is just something she holds. Not above lying, cheating, blackmail, or anything of that like to ensure that her village and family remains safe. But what the people see the most is the leader that loves her village just as much as she loves her own family.
Favorites: Kiri. Children. Family. Friends. Tea. Peace.

History: Never in Kali’s wildest dreams did she believe that she would grow up to not only be apart of the Mizukage’s team but to become the Mizukage herself. It was just not something she had fathomed, not the sort of person to entertain herself with delusions of holding any rank higher than Head Jounin, but she had. At the ripe age of twenty her former sensei had handed the title over to her, being the most capable out of his students to handle the position. Not the sort of person to refuse her sensei, she had accepted the offer and thus the woman would find herself and her family, her husband and two-year-old daughter, moved to a completely different residence. But that’s too far ahead in the background of Kali, we shall take things back to twenty years before she had received the position.

Kali had been born a descendent of the Terumi clan, though one would never guess unless they were to witness her utilizing her KKG, having inherited her father’s surname instead of that of her clan. Born of the original bloodline and thus born with the ability to inherit both clan KKG, though to a mother who didn’t want to see her daughter become a shinobi despite the potential the child held, Kali’s mother had done well to hide the truth of her heritage from her. Her mother had even gone as far as swearing her husband to silence, much to his disagreement, and it had been the source of many conflicts within her family. Her father believed that Kali should be able to choose rather or not she walked the path of the shinobi, but her mother didn’t want her only child to live that sort of life.

Having at the time no knowledge of the circumstances of their unhappiness, Kali had blamed herself though her father was sure to inform his only child that the arguments between her mother and himself was of no fault of her own. Kali hadn’t believed him entirely, but didn’t argue against it. Her parents did try to ensure that she had a happy childhood, though she could sense that something was being hidden from her. Underneath those smiles was a secret neither wanted her to know, and finally she had questioned them upon turning six. Her father had seen it coming, having told his wife that Kali would notice thanks to how observant she was but the woman hadn’t believed him until now.

Faced with the questions of their six-year-old, and having sworn long ago to never lie to his daughter, Kali’s father had told her the truth of her heritage and presenting her with the choice to walk the life of a civilian or that of a shinobi, much to the disapproval of her mother. Of course the woman hoped that her daughter wouldn’t give up the life of a civilian, but that hope came crashing down when her daughter had proclaimed that she wished to be a shinobi. Kali could tell at that moment that her mother wasn’t happy with her decision, having been good at reading a person’s emotions no matter how hard they tried to hide it since she could remember. Her mother hadn’t said anything though, merely stormed out of the house, leaving Kali and her father in the living-room. When she had returned it was when Kali had been put to bed, but she had been awoken by the shouts coming from her parent’s room.

The argument, as usual, pertained to Kali, her mother not liking her child’s choice one bit and not approving of the fact that her husband had spilled the beans. Kali was her only child, one could say she could bear more but that was just it, her body wouldn’t be able to take another pregnancy, Kali was a gift and she didn’t want that to be stripped from her because the child died early due to picking the career of a shinobi. Her father had known that, but firmly stated that they couldn’t coddle Kali. Kali hadn’t stayed up for the rest of the argument, taking herself to bed. Unbeknownst to her, her mother slipped into her room about four hours later, kissing upon her head before leaving the room, stating that she loved Kali. The next morning Kali’s mother was no where to be found, the woman had walked out on the family, not wanting to bear the pain of seeing her child slaughtered.

With her mother gone, and massive guilt on her end since it had been her choice that drove her mother away, Kali had become depressed. She had been very close to her mother and with her gone a part of her heart had gone to, but presented with lessons to be learned, she had been distracted by her pain. The lessons she had received were from her own father and were basic in nature, deciding that teaching her anything advanced would be the job of the academy. Though he wanted Kali to become well-versed in her KKG, the only person that could had trained her had walked out on them, never to be seen again, and thus he couldn’t help her with that. He could only hope that when the child graduated from the academy that her sensei was of the Terumi clan, or that he found somebody from the clan willing to teach her.

Her father had done well to prepare her for the academy, going in armed with knowledge that wouldn’t be taught for sometime, but not with the intentions to excel through the ranks at an abnormal speed. She needed to learn, she needed to enjoy her childhood, and she needed to mature before she allowed herself to attain the rank of Genin, and that’s exactly what she had done. A friendly individual who was known for being helpful, Kali had gained a good deal of friends during her stay within the institution. So much so that she had been friends with most of her classmates by time she graduated from the academy at the top of her specific class.

When she had become Genin, Kali had been placed on an ordinary team, which included two of her male classmates and a female sensei. Albeit she would be transferred to the Mizukage’s personal team a year later, replacing a student that had sustained injuries that ended his shinobi career. Being amongst individual a year or two older than herself, Kali had been rather nervous, but grew accustomed to the new team quickly. With the Chunin exams just six months away, the team had undergone a grueling six months of preparation for the exams. On top of the training she was receiving from the Mizukage, which was harder than she had experienced with her other team, her father had managed to find people of her mother’s clan willing to train her.

They had been given a month to rest prior to the exam, knowing that an exhausted team couldn’t possibly pass the Chunin exams. By time the exams had come, the team had been ready. With two of her teammates having experience from the previous exam, Kali was in very capable hands and knowing what to expect it was no surprise that the team had passed the exams and made it to the rank of Chunin. They didn’t branch off upon achieving that rank though, they remained under the guidance of the Mizukage, and Kali continued to train with those apart of her clan. Continuous missions and training had taken up her life pretty quickly, and two years would pass without a hitch. Now sixteen, Kali was an experienced shinobi, though not experienced enough to attain the rank of Jounin just yet. But that didn’t matter to her, for it was during her sixteenth year upon the planet that she would meet and date the man that would be her husband.

A year later Kali had been promoted to Jounin, and no longer really needing the guidance of her sensei began to train on her own. When she wasn’t working she was with her father, her friends, or her boyfriend. Another year went by and Kali was engaged to her boyfriend, four months later she was married, and eight months later should give birth to a precious baby girl that she had named Karma. She was overjoyed at the birth of her first child as was her husband, though they found out fairly quickly how hard taking care of a baby could be. But they had managed, spending a lot of time building a bond with their daughter whilst sharing many happy memories with the child. Happy memories that would continue even after Kali had become Mizukage two years later which brings you up to date.

Now the Mizukage, the ruler of the village and the one that people looked up to, Kali had a lot of duties to perform. So much so that she spent long periods of times within her office, but did well to integrate her family into her busy schedule. A playdate here, a lunch or dinner over there, and thus she was able to maintain her family life. She sometimes wished that she could spend more time with Karma, but knew that her duties had to be complete before than and thus did well to complete her task early so that she could go home and spend time with her family. It had been very difficult to adjust, but she had done well to do so and learned to juggle her team efficiently after two years.

Though she had to readjust her time once again after the birth of her twins, children that she had named Ichirou and Serenity respectively. Though after much adjustment, Kali and her husband got things back on track. It also helped that Karma had decided to help out with the twins, announcing that protection of the twins laid on her shoulders. It also helped that Kali’s father was willing to help out his daughter with her growing family, and thus life continued. When her eldest child turned five, which was a year after the birth of the twins, the child’s lessons were started. She wanted to prepare her child for the academy, which she had succeeded in doing. Several months after Karma had entered the academy, Kali gave birth to her final child, Trinity.

When Karma turned twelve, Kali had turned twenty-nine, having now been Mizukage for nine years now, having watched one daughter become Genin whilst her twins entered the academy. And with a close eye on the wellbeing of the village, she continues to watch as her family grows up and the village prospers.

Key Events:
Birth [0]
Lessons Begin [6]
Academy [8]
Genin [12]
Chunin [14]
Jounin [17]
Marriage [18]
Karma [18]
Mizukage [20]
Ichirou & Serenity [22]
Trinity [26]
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